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26/07/2016 15:28

Poltava Volunteer Comuunity with the support of ТRC “Concord” within a Week of good deeds has carried out the unforgettable action “Change Emotions for a Balloon” and “Cigarette for Candy”. Our volunteers granted to all participants good mood and spent the time greatly. The action’s purpose ” Change Emotions for a Balloon” that any passer-by can receive a balloon for the smile! The Volunteers  wanted to diversify the gloomy everyday life of the people around and to show them that it is necessary to remember about the small pleasures of life.

The share “A cigarette for Candy” urges people to refuse from their bad habbits and to begin to care for their health! The purpose of the action is that anyone can receive a candy in exchange of his cigarette. In such a way,  we urge people to try to give up smoking. Thanks a lot to all volunteers for their emotions and good mood which they shared with the passers-by!

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