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07/02/2017 18:25


Alisa Zinovyevna’s childhood was very troubled; her family was always short of money. As she liked to play very much, she had to make toys from findings. Since then she has been dreaming of a real, beautiful porcelain doll. When we asked Alisa Zinovyevna about her dream, it was very difficult for her to share recollections of childhood with us: she was on the verge of tears.


At first sight, doll is an ordinary dream, but it’s a dream of childhood, so, it has to be fulfilled! When she was coming to visit us, Alisa Zinovyevna didn’t even think of a real miracle waiting for her! When she was told that her dream came true and she knew the name of her kind “wizard”, she was agitated and burst into tears, speaking this was the doll she was dreaming of. Her eyes, wet from tears, shone with happiness. We saw unaffected joy, incredible emotional stress.


Many thanks to Tasha Ulybina for the joy in Alisa Zinovyevna’s eyes and soul. The doll has found its happy owner, and at the beginning of the next year we will share a video how it happened.


Miracles exist; all it takes is to believe in them! Our dreamer has also believed in existence of miracles and wizards.