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07/02/2017 18:24

Tatyana Viktorovna is a very bright and kind person. In childhood she learned to read by herself and since then books became her best friends, the main hobby of her life.

Now she gives all her spare time to grandchildren, reads different books to them. It is difficult to say how many books she has already read!

Somebody has advised Tatyana Viktorovna to read a novel of the American writer Thomas Wolfe. Unfortunately, this book was neither in library, nor in the flea or book market. This book couldn’t be got! But, quite recently, thanks to the kind “wizard” Veronika Remizova who managed to find this book, Tatyana Viktorovna’s  red-letter day came. When we asked what she dreams of, Tatyana Viktorovna told the name of the author of the book. It is difficult to render her emotions when she saw a book she was looking for so long. Tremblingly she asked: “Is it for me?”, then gave Veronika a hug and thanked her, having confusedly added she didn’t even believe in such opportunity. Miracle nevertheless exists!